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Rachel ballad ‘I Really Miss You’ advances again to Round 3. However, we have a tie between ‘Cross My Heart’ and ‘It’s Alright’. Neither song made it to the Quarter-Finals last year. We will re-vote at the end of the round to see which song will move on.
This week we have 2 quarter-final veterans going head to head along with 2 underdogs battling for the title. It’s still anyones game!

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S Club Media is looking for a new staff member to join our team! Since Katey and I are both from the US, we are searching for a UK affiliate to join our site S Club (Staff Club… see what I did there?). We need someone who can possibly get pictures/magazine scans that are not available in the US and a bonus if someone is going to the tour who can take exclusive pictures for the site! Of course anything else you can do for the site is an added plus whether its adding news, writing for site pages, making graphics or anything else you can contribute. If you are interested in a staff position here at SCM, please send an email to uninvitedgrace@yahoo.com or PM us on facebook with what you feel you can provide for the site.

Check out our brand new matching main site and gallery layout & design. Features a scan from S Club Style Magazine.

Both Top 10 singles ‘S Club Party’ and ‘Have You Ever’ move on to Round 3. This weeks polls feature dance track vs ballad. Which do you prefer? Vote Vote Vote

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| 06 | Birmingham 01-17-15 (Rachel – Candids / Public Appearances)
| 16 | Malmaison Hotel 01-16-15 (Rachel – Candids / Public Appearances)
| 64 | Strictly Come Dancing Tour Photocall Birmingham 01-15-15 (Rachel – Candids / Public Appearances)
| 21 | Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour – Barclaycard Arena 01-16-15 (Rachel – Screen Caps / Stage)

SHOCKER ALERT!!! Last years winner ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ has been eliminated from the competition!! ‘Show Me Your Colours’ beat out the fan favorite song by only 6 votes. Also winning this week was Sclub7s first #1 hit ‘Bring It All Back’. Is another shocking vote awaiting us next week? Only you can decide that. Vote!Vote!Vote!

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