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Tina – Dick Whittington

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Jon Joins Tonight Productions

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WaterAid Video

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Rachel Candids

| 130 | Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball 06-25-15 (Rachel – Candids / Public Appearances)
| 18 | North London 05-29-15 (Rachel – Candids / Public Appearances)

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Rachel’s Fashion & Beauty Secrets

It has been a busy time for Rachel Stevens. Not only is the singer back touring with S Club 7, she was a coach on The Voice Ireland and took part in the Strictly Come Dancing Tour back in January. Rachel, 37, and husband Alex Bourne also have their hands full looking after their two daughters, Amelie, four, and Minnie, one. Here, Rachel, who has regularly topped “world’s sexiest women” lists, reveals her top beauty secrets and why she’s taking part in Elizabeth Arden’s My Eight Hours campaign, which reveals eight hours in the day of eight inspirational women.

Why are you supporting the Elizabeth Arden #My8Hours campaign?
I’ve always been a big fan of the Eight Hour range, so it was great to be asked to be involved. People always ask me what my day is like from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, and it’s really varied. At the moment I’m on tour, so it’s a fun way to be able to share a snapshot of my eight hours and great to work with seven inspirational women, getting an insight into their lives.

What do you think was captured within your eight hours that reflects your lifestyle the most?

The variety and pace of life is crazy at the moment, so there’s no real normal day but this definitely shows a typical day on the road touring fairly well! I’m always working on different projects, whether I’m on tour with S Club 7, in Ireland filming The Voice, or being at home with the family. I’m lucky to be able to have the experiences that I have and to do a job that I love. No day is ever the same and it is always fast paced! One day I can be at sound checks, dance rehearsals, in hair and make-up and then on stage, and the next I can be on mummy duty at home with my girls.

If you were given an extra hour in the day, how would you spend it?

Having a massage!

What would be your perfect eight hours?

My perfect eight hours would be spent with my family. It would probably start with a lovely lie in, with the girls jumping into bed with us, followed by a big family breakfast, maybe a walk and then a relaxing afternoon at home – there’s nothing better!

Why are you a fan of the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant?

I’ve used it for as long as I can remember. It’s one of those products that everyone knows about – or should know about! I use the Eight Hour Cream on dry areas like my knees and elbows but it’s also great for your eyebrows because it’s so conditioning. It’s also a great product to use after you’ve been in the sun because it’s so hydrating – especially for your lips.

Who has inspired your career?

I’ve always had a strong team of advisers who I work alongside and trust, which I think is really important, especially in my career. I do throw myself into things and give them my all – I love a good challenge! Even when I was at school, I was determined to do what I needed to do to go to the London College of Fashion and, when I left there, I wanted to go straight into work. I think it’s just in my make-up.

What is your career highlight?

I’ve been very fortunate in my career, so there have been lots of highlights – from meeting the Queen and travelling the world, to helping the charities I work with and visiting projects for WaterAid in Ethiopia. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one. Being back on tour with S Club 7 and experiencing it a little bit older than the first time has been amazing. It’s allowed me to be in the moment much more than
I ever could have been when I was younger. And it’s been fantastic to take everything in all over again, meeting the fans that have followed us since we began and just celebrating what we had.

Which strong women do you find inspirational?

Mums constantly inspire me! Becoming a mum to my two gorgeous girls has really made me appreciate what it means to be one. I’ve found that I have much more of an understanding and compassion towards people of all different generations. There is no better job!

What is the best make-up tip you have ever received?

I’ve been very lucky to have some absolutely brilliant make-up artists throughout the years, so I have collected lots of tips and tricks along the way. I think it’s important to know which colours and shapes work for you. I’m always learning about new products too. As well as applying concealer under your eyes, you can apply it down the bridge of your nose, where the light bounces off it – that really helps to contour the face.
– DailyStar

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A League of Their Own

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Paul Photoshoot

| 04 | Adam Hills (Paul – Photoshoots / Scans)

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Paul Joins Rocky Horror Show


Since its first appearance at the Royal Court Theatre in June 1973, Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show has become the world’s favourite Rock N’ Roll musical. It has been performed worldwide for over 40 years in over 30 countries and has been translated into more than 20 languages. Director Christopher Luscombe created a stunning new production to celebrate the 40th Anniversary and this critically acclaimed version of the classic show is back by popular demand, now embarking on a year-long national adventure starting at Brighton’s Theatre Royal on 14 December 2015.

X Factor finalist and star of the stage version of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, Diana Vickers will star in the role of Janet Weiss. S Club 7 star, Paul Cattermole, will play the role of Eddie and Dr. Scott. Emmerdale actor, Ben Freeman, will join Diana and Paul, playing the role of Brad Majors. Following his huge success in over 900 performances of the 40th Anniversary Global Tour of The Rocky Horror Show, Kristian Lavercombe returns as Riff Raff. Further casting to be announced soon.

Paul Cattermole (Eddie / Dr. Scott) has just completed the sold out S Club 7 Bring It All Back 2015 UK Tour with the other members of S Club 7 after they reformed at the start of the year. The group initially shot to fame in 1999 and had four number one singles and a number one album, as well as a series of TV shows including Miami 7, LA 7, Hollywood 7 and Viva S Club. Paul and the rest of S Club 7 also performed at Party At The Palace as part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubliee celebrations on 1 June 2002.
The Rocky Horror Show 2015 / 2016 UK Tour Dates

14 December– 2 January 2016 Brighton: Theatre Royal
04 – 16 January 2016 Manchester: Opera House
25 – 30 January 2016 Birmingham: New Alexandra Theatre
01 – 06 February 2016 Liverpool: Empire Theatre
15 – 20 February 2016 Sunderland: Empire Theatre
29 February – 5 March 2016 Wimbledon: New Wimbledon Theatre
07 – 12 March 2016 Torquay: Princess Theatre
28 March – 2 April 2016 Edinburgh: Playhouse Theatre
11 – 16 April 2016 York: Opera House
18 – 23 April 2016 Aylesbury: Waterside Theatre
02 – 07 May 2016 Richmond: Richmond Theatre
23 – 28 May 2016 Stoke: Regent Theatre
27 June – 2 July 2016 Woking: New Victoria Theatre
18 – 23 July 2016 Bristol: Hippodrome
22 – 27 August 2016 Glasgow: King’s Theatre

Further dates and details to be announced

Please note that Diana Vickers, Ben Freeman, Paul Cattermole and Kristian Lavercombe will perform from 14 December 2015 through to 28 May 2016.

For online bookings and show times please visit www.atgtickets.com/rockyhorror
Ticket prices range from £12.90 – £51.90 (with additional booking fee)

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Butterfly Ball Today

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Rachel Mirror Interview

Rachel Stevens defends S Club 7 bandmates Hannah and Paul’s reconciled romance and opens up on reunion and parenthood. The stunning star tells all about the band’s reunion, life as a mum and more
Pop star, actress, dancer and, most recently, Sexiest Woman of All Time. For a 37-year-old mum of two, Rachel Stevens really isn’t doing too badly. But she knows that life as a celebrity can be doubled edged in these days of social media. Among the latest victims is her S Club 7 bandmate Hannah Spearitt, who’s faced a torrent of abuse this week. During their early days together, S Club bandmates Hannah and Paul Cattermole famously had a relationship on and off screen before splitting up for good in 2006. However, according to weekend reports in the People, Hannah, now 34, recently dumped her personal trainer fiance Adam Thomas after rekindling things with her fellow S Clubber. Speaking about his girlfriend’s betrayal, heartbroken Adam said: “He’d moved into my bed before it’d got cold – that’s the biggest kick in the teeth.” Having watched the band relationship firsthand – both the first time and again recently on a sell-out S Club 7 tour, Rachel backs the couple’s reunion, believing it was inevitable.
She says: “Hannah and Paul are so close, and they always have been. “They’ve always got on so well, and always had that relationship and when we came back on tour, that just came back straight away. “They always really just got on with each other right from the start but this time around, I didn’t really think about it to be honest.” Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Hannah wrote: “I know I know…. I need to go to spec savers! And get some self respect and human decency while I’m at it.” It was a reaction to messages accusing her of being a home-wrecker, after news of the relationship leaked. The abuse, says Rachel, was unfair to Hannah: “Bless her, I don’t really know what’s happening with all that but I do hope she’s ok. “I try not to pay too much attention to that stuff, the negative stuff that is online, but it is there for all of us unfortunately. It is what it is.”
Now a mum to two young daughters, she knows this dark side of the internet is a challenge she is going to increasingly have to face at home too – along with the more raunchy side of pop music. Both children, Amelie, four and a half, and Minnie, one, are already able to “find their way around” her smartphone, whilst the eldest is listening to Taylor and co. Rachel says: “My kids are still little so it’s only really now that Amelie has started to get into pop music. She hears things on the radio, and really likes Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars; she’s gone from liking Disney Princesses to pop. “It’s brilliant that she loves music but I think I’ll find it harder when they’re that much older and liking these kind of artists… it is all a lot more gratuitous now. But it is starting to get into my psyche, and I’m questioning it all. “It’s a fine balancing act for any parent, and with social media it is so much harder now. Amelie is going to school in September and going to be in the playground with all these older kids. It’s really scary. “I’m not prudish at all, in the sense that pop music has always been like this – you look at Madonna back in the day – but it is more the social networking stuff which is scary, especially when you have younger kids.” While the multi Grammy-winning superstar Taylor is no Rihanna – her videos rarely feature provocative nudity – she is famed for her no holds barred lyrics.
Not, perhaps, ideal for a four-year-old. Adds Rachel: “Amelie and Minnie are from a different generation now. They’re both obsessed with my phone and they know what to do with it – it’s just ingrained in them. “At nursery they’re even doing all this touch-screen stuff; it’s just the way of the world. “Whereas we had these big brick phones, they’ve grown-up with iPads and iPhones – it comes so naturally to them. “At home, we try not to use iPads and phones too often, and if we’re going out for dinner, for example, we’ll try not to let her use it too much. “There are so many brilliant, educational apps out there for kids, and it’s a case of trying to use them in a really positive way. It is still quite easy to monitor now but it will get a lot harder when they are both at school and hanging out with their friends.”
On the subject of hanging out with pals, the singer is fresh off the successful S Club 7 tour alongside Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Hannah Spearitt and Bradley McIntosh. The group, originally put together by impresario Simon Fuller in 1998, rose to fame in the early noughties with their own BBC series, Miami 7. After four number one singles, two Brits and a string of hits across Europe, the group called it a day in 2003. Ahead of a family break in Spain next week, Rachel is co-hosting Thursday’s Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball beside Mark Wright. A charity she is passionate about – to date, it has raised £2.5million for disabled children – the evening’s event will see Lionel Richie performing in front of guests including Rod Stewart, Penny Lancaster and Bruce Forsyth. Inspired by a recent judging slot on the Irish version of The Voice, Rachel is now keen to relaunch her solo career. She adds: “I’ve got the taste for performing again, and think I’m ready to get back in the studio”.
Last year Rachel, who married former childhood sweetheart Alex Bourne six years ago, was voted FHM magazine’s Sexiest Woman of All Time. Quite a feat considering she was three months pregnant at the time. She laughs: “I was six weeks pregnant when they asked me to do the shoot, and feeling really s*** and sick, and then three months gone when I actually did it. “I was feeling the most unsexy I possibly could and had also just had a baby, so literally had baby sick all over me. “So to be asked to do it was great, but it’s all just a bit of fun. Obviously I never let Alex forget he’s married to the Sexiest Woman of All Time… I had it framed next to his side of the bed…” (She’s joking. I think.) Despite being a tiny and toned size eight, Rachel isn’t even a member of a gym.
If she wasn’t genuinely lovely and smiley and so bloody, well, nice – she’s the patron of about five different charities and regularly donates her own money unbidden – it would be very easy to loathe her. Similarly motivated by Davina McCall’s incredible Sport Relief efforts, which saw the presenter run, swim and bike the length of the country, Rachel is also desperate to beast herself in the name of charity. She explains: “I did the Strictly Come Dancing Tour last year which was amazing, and then S Club this year, so I’ve been doing a lot of dancing. “For me, it’s the best form of exercise and better than any gym class. I’ve also been eating pretty healthily and just feel really fit – I would love to do some kind of fitness challenge for Comic Relief.” Sign her up, chaps.
– Mirror

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