Current/Upcoming Projects
Best: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7
album re-release

Fallen Angel
jon's solo debut album
Released: December 10, 2012

Forever Plaid
musical of the greatest songs of the 50’s.
Dates: April 5-24, 2016

as 'Mercedes Christie"
TV Series . The everyday lives of the people frequenting the frenetic Accident and Emergency department of Holby City hospital.
Airing: January 23, 2016

The Goob
as 'Mary'
Film . A girl flees her orphanage in a paranoid belief that otherworldly forces are after her. She seeks refuge in the remote town of Fate, Texas, but is met with hostility.
Released: August 28, 2014

as 'Hayley Smith'
TV Mini Series . Horror directed by Peter Harris TBC.
Airing: ?

as 'Lucy'
Film . Three intertwoven stories of lonelieness and isolation.
Released: 2016

skua's first single release
Released: July 14, 2014

skua's first album release
Released: October 09, 2014

Rocky Horror
as 'Eddie / Dr. Scott'
rock n roll musical
Dates: December 17, 2015 - August 3, 2016

The Voice Of Ireland
TV Series . Irish edition if the international TV franchise The Voice, a reality singing competition.
Released: Airing Now

wateraid's official ambassador
In 2012 Rachel became WaterAid's first celebrity ambassador. She recently visited our work in Ethiopia, meeting families who currently do not have clean water, and saw first-hand the impact this has on communities.

Making Me Dance Single
tina's latest single
Released: November 03, 2013


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The S Club story started off like any manufactured pop band, a music mogul, a dream, and an idea. Advertisements were put out for a new pop band in the middle of 1998, of the audition process seven people were chosen, Those seven consisted of Rachel, Tina, Jo, Hannah, Jon, Bradley, and Paul and thus S Club 7 was created. These seven youngsters ranging in age would become one of the largest bands of the late 90s and early millennium. Selling over millions of records and hitting television screens in over 120 countries with their children’s series.

After spending much of 98 in the states filming their debut television series S Club 7 in Miami (or more simply known as ‘Miami 7’), the band launched a year later to the tune of Bring it all Back, The song and television series proved to be a hit, the follow-up single S Club Party, showed the bands individual members of the band, and the album, proved to be one for the rankings of the best debut albums to date. The final single You’re My Number One / Two In A Million was released in rush for Christmas #1. In early 2000 the band launched state side to minimal success. This did not put a damper on any further projects for the band, as they released their follow-up album that same year.

The groups fourth single Reach was released as the lead single from their second album, The song proved to be the happy-poppy song everybody would come to expect from the group. Following the release of this album, S Club launched their second television series S Club 7 in L.A. (or more simply known as ‘L.A. 7’), All three ventures proved to be another hit for the band, a second single from the much more mature album, the Rachel-fronted track Natural was released with a much sexier video than the band was used to making. A third single along the lines of ‘Bring The House Down’ was announced only to later be cancelled. The Cathy Dennis penned track ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ was chosen as the Children in Need single for the year of 2000, which launched the re-release of the band’s second album.

The song even proved to be a hit in America, coming in at #11 on the Billboard, and being included on Now! Thats What I Call Hits (Volume 7), All through the duration of all the cahoias surrounding promoting in two contries at the same time, the band had time to record yet another album, entitled Sunshine, and television series, entitled S Club 7 in Hollywood, or ‘Hollywood 7’. The album launched the bands most recognized hit, Don’t Stop Movin’. The track went on to win the band their first Brit award. Following the sucess of that single, the band was invited to release the Children in Need single for a second year in a row, this time choosing ‘Have You Ever’ another Cathy Dennis penned track. For the third single the band wished to release Show Me Your Colors, but Simon Fuller chose the track ‘You’. Following the decision to release that track, band member Paul Cattermole decided to split with the band, which ultimatly cancelled the fourth single ‘Stronger’.

Following the split of Paul the band continued but dropped the ‘7’ in their name simply becoming “S Club”, The band recorded a fourth television series which saw the departure of Paul in the fourth episode. The series also launched the band’s fourth album Seeing Double which is also the name of the band’s debut movie, The lead single from the album was entitled “Alive”, and due to Jo’s preexisting back conditions she was unable to promote the single, so Rachel took the lead vocals for promotional purposes. The single, and album was not as sucessful as the band’s previous releases. During the S Club United tour, the band announced they would in fact be splitting after the release of a greatest hits album released that following June. In June of 2003 the band released Say Goodbye and Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You, the track managed a #2 chart position and Best: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7 was released at the beginning of June and the band officially split.