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Ahead of the famous Rocky Horror Show live starting its stint at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre tonight we sat down with Paul Cattermole who has taken on the role of Eddie and Doctor Scott – played by legendary musician Meatloaf in the film – to talk about his experience of the cult classic. Paul originally found fame as a member of pop sensations S Club 7, who achieved four UK number-one singles, one UK number-one album and a string of hits across the globe before their split in 2003. Paul shot back into the limelight in 2015 with a nostalgic reunion tour with the group, before taking on his roles in The Rocky Horror Show and he did not find the transition between music to theatre easy.
“It wasn’t easy no, but it wasn’t really hard. I have always enjoyed acting, I went to drama school, I was in the National Youth Music Theatre, and I’ve been on the stage since I’ve been fifteen. “Since doing S Club, it sort of made me not know what I really want to do, and I’ve been in a few rock bands before never necessarily with the intention of ever making it into a career just for the love of the music and that’s the same with theatre. “I had loads of coaching throughout the rehearsal stage, the director Chris Luscombe has just been so amazing with me because he was fully aware that I’m not someone exclusively from the pop-industry that’s going to be afraid of jumping in to the role but obviously I hadn’t been in it for so long so I needed some encouragement.”
The Rocky Horror Show isn’t simply a show, it’s a full-blown experience and Paul was inspired by his first experience of his show to jump at the chance of being a part of the cast. “When I first saw it live I genuinely thought it was one of the best nights out I had ever been to. It has such a rock and roll vibe mixed with such a funny storyline. When I last saw the show I hadn’t seen it for ages and I’d almost forgotten how many funny moments there are.
When approached by the show I really just fancied being any part, it was just something that I thought I could bring something to. I know I could never do it like Meatloaf, he’s one of a kind, but I just thought I could do a good job on the part so I just went for it and hopefully it’s going down well. The hardcore fanbase have seemed to really respond to what I do.” When taking on his roles, Paul hopes he doesn’t relate to them in anyway but like a true man of the stage – he is fully involved in his role at all times. “Eddie is sort of a fat slob, so I hope I don’t relate to that! “Eddie is a rock and roll frontman created by the lead character Frank who regrets making him, so Eddie jumps out the fridge on stage and does a two minute rock show which is the opportunity to do what you want. He’s a half-brained crazy man who apparently has no moral compass and that’s fun.
Within two minutes of a song you don’t really have much opportunity to show yourself and the character but at least if you’ve considered them they are there bleeding through in everything that you do” Aside from the fun had from playing a character with no moral compass, Paul has also had a great deal of fun with his fellow castmates – such as Liam Tamne and Diana Vickers. “The cast are all so lovely, and well-experienced. I feel really comfortable when I’m on stage that they’re the people that have got my back. “I’ve gelled with quite a few members of the cast, I really get on with Liam (Tamne) and Diana Vickers – I wouldn’t say we chat a lot but I get on with her great, she’s amazing to work around. “She plays a great Janet and she’s so funny, there’s a couple of times where she is proper laugh out loud funny and she really makes Janet her own. It’s amazing working with someone who is also from a pop background and for them to be really good at what they do, as sometimes there are people who come from our background that are not which is very frustrating. “We have a very experienced cast, Liam who plays Frank-N-Furter is amazing and Kristian (Lavercombe) who plays Riff Raff has been doing this for years he’s done over a thousand shows.”
Following this performance and the reunion tour of S Club 7 in 2015 – Paul has exciting things upon the horizon, but these do not involve his roots in pop music. “I’ve got nothing lined up but there’s a couple of things on the horizon. One of the guys from Miami 7 has written a musical and he’s sort of slightly hoping he can get me to be in it in the UK. “It’s cool that things like that are happening and the future is taking place. It’s so different from what I’ve done in S Club. I’m so proud of what I did with S Club, it may not be what I ultimately set out to do but I loved my time in the group and I would still love the opportunity to do some more things with the group but I think realistically S Club does not have the ability to do anything for long periods of time. “We can do one off things here and there I think but from what I’m getting from the other guys we don’t think a long thing would happen. “We didn’t do any new music last year and I really wanted to, I was very vocal about this and I said we can’t come back without new music and got completely over-ruled. “It’s good to have that nostalgic feeling but ultimately it’s important to be excited about the future.” Blending the worlds of his music and theatre career, we decided what it would be like to cast the fellow S Clubbers in The Rocky Horror Show alongside Paul. “Jon (Lee) would have to be Brad, Hannah (Spearritt) can be Janet, Tina (Barrett) can be Magenta, Rachel (Stevens) can be Columbia although all the girls could easily be Janet and there’s not enough girl parts. Brad (McIntosh) can be Frank, just so I can make him wear high heels and tights.
The Rocky Horror Show will be at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre from June 13 to June 18, find out more here.

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